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Godspell Lyrics and Lyrics History

Original Sources for the Lyrics of

Stephen Schwartz adapted the lyrics or wrote original lyrics for Godspell. All music except for By My side is original. This is why his credit reads

"Prologue": various philosophical sources adapted by Tebelek, revised by Schwartz Summer 2000.

"Prepare Ye": Matthew 3:3 (Isaiah 40:3)

"Save the People": Episcopal Hymnal 1940, no. 496

"Day by Day": E. Hymnal, no. 429

"Learn Your Lessons Well": Original lyric by S.S.

"Bless the Lord": E. Hymnal, no. 293 (adaptation from Psalm 103)

"All for the Best": Original lyric by SS.

"All Good Gifts": E.Hymnal no. 138

"Light of the World": Adaptation of Matthew 5:13-16

"Turn Back, O Man": E. Hymnal no. 536

"Alas for You": Adaptation of Matthew 23:13-37

"By my Side": Original lyric by Jay Hamburger

"We Beseech Thee": E. Hymnal no. 229

"On the Willows": Adaptation of Psalm 137

"Finale": Original lyric by SS; reprise of Matthew 3:3

"Beautiful City": The lyrics for the song do not come from scripture but were written for the film version. They were revised for a benefit production of GODSPELL to be done in Los Angeles to benefit the Inner City after the Rodney King riots.

SOURCE: Data from the book The Broadway Musical in the chapter "Religious Experience as Musical" and the Stephen Schwartz.com forum.

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