These descriptions are to meant to aid those who cannot view the images.

The "Let There Be" photograph shows a chorus of performers lit by warm yellow candlelight sitting in the dark in front of a dramatic, blue lit backdrop with lights lights behind the backdrop representing stars.

"The Zoo". Phtograph of the full stage lit with mostly yellow light filled with the entire cast. The cast of animals fills most of the stage, with the human players at front, left, and at front, right.

Two very tall giraffes lit by yellow light. The actor's costumes are yellow with brown spots. The height of giraffes is simulated by a tall neck with the giraffe head on top worn as a headress by the actors. The actors are on stilts, for both their arms and legs simulating the long four legs of a giraffe.

The dancer photo shows the director's daughter Jonna Pederson, facing right and highlighted in the center, with other young dancers in leotards to her left and right in a line. The camera position is close the to a dancer at the left, with the other dancers, receding in the distance to the right.

Eve, on the left, against a dark background, with her left arm raised to the left side of her face, is facing to the right staring at the apple tree which has electric lit apples that give off a soft yellow glow.

A girl as a crocodile, crawling on all fours on the stage. She wears a headress that looks like the long, flat head of a crocodile, with bright white triangular teeth in the gaping, open mouth.

Cain in the foreground at the right facing forward. Father appears small invthe background by the fabric backdrop. This photo shows the power of dramatic lighting. The backdrop is illuminated with orange-red light. There are bright spotlights on Cain and Father while the rest of the stage, filled with crouched dancers, is dimly lit with red.

Against a fabric backdop lit with intense blue light, Noah stands straight and to the left in the picture, lit by yellow light, in a dark costume with gold brocade running down the front. He holds wooden a staff and he stands beside the bow of the giant ark which has coarse-grained, brown wood serveral times his height.

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