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James Taylor and Working

Enjoy "Millwork" and "Traffic Jam" from the Broadway musical Working, along with eighteen other songs on the concert performance DVD James Taylor - Pull Over - Amazon.com [new browser window]

ABOUT WORKING AND JAMES TAYLOR: In the mid 1970's Stephen Schwartz and Nina Faso adapted Studs Terkel's book Working for a stage musical, also called Working. To match the mosaic quality of the book, Schwartz recruited a collection of songwriters to create the score with him, including James Taylor, Micki Grant, Craig Carnelia, Mary Rodgers, and Susan Birkenhead. Schwartz says, "Working with James Taylor was a great thrill for me, because I had always been a fan of his music and had been influenced by him."

For the show, Taylor developed heart-wrenching ballad "Millwork," sung on the album by Robin Lamont. It also features Taylor's peppy "Brother Trucker" and the music for "Un Mejor Dia." Later, his jazzy "Traffic Jam" was added to the show.

Most of these can be heard on the Working album, video, and DVD (see below). Taylor also performs them on his "Live" CD and a concert DVD. In the biography James Taylor: Long Ago and Far Away (Amazon.com) [new browser window], there's a passage explaining Taylor's thrill at being able, through his intuition, to step into the experience of a mill working woman for "Millwork."

DVD of Working

Broadway Archives created a DVD from the tape from American Playhouse, WNET and KCET, 1982
Studs Terkel's Working (Broadway Theatre Archive)

Stephen Schwartz directed this PBS production. Watch for James Taylor singing his trucking song and sharing his great smile. Enjoy Didi Conn (who stars in the DVD of THE MAGIC SHOW and had a leading role in GREASE) as a receptionist. Studs Terkel introduces the show. You'll see Carole Schwartz in the role of supermarket checker. She has a brief singing part as well and has a wonderful voice. There are many other noteworthy performers and performances.


James Taylor recorded his songs from Working on Flag Flag [new browser window]

Working - includes "Millwork," "Brother Trucker" and others.

Re-release of original cast album with lots of special features. [Note: the Compact Disc CD 1978 Cast Album of Working the Musical is currently unavailable]

Sheet Music for "Millwork", "Brother Trucker", and others from Working

Working / Vocal Selections - Alfred Publishing Co., Inc. (November 1997) Song Titles include: All the Livelong Day * Brother Trucker * Cleanin' Women * Fathers and Sons * If I Could've Been * It's an Art * Joe * Just a Housewife * Lovin' All * The Mason * Millwork * Neat to Be a Newsboy *Nobody Tellls Me How (the teacher song) * Something to Point to, Un Mejor Dia Cendra Working: Vocal Selections (Amazon.com)

DETAILS WITH KEYS: 15 songs including All the Livelong Day(C), Lovin' Al (B flat), The Mason(F), Neat To Be A Newsboy(A min/G), Nobody Tells Me How(E), Un Mejor Dia Vendra(F), Brother Trucker(B), Fathers and Sons(F sharp min), If I Could've Been (A), It's An Art(A), Joe (D), Just a Housewife (D), Millwork(A), Cleanin' Women (D flat/D), and Something to Point to (B flat).