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Wicked the Musical Links to Fan Sites and Sites with Forums

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Some Official Sites with Forums or Podcasts for Schwartz and Wicked

Stephen Schwartz's official site has a forum for all Schwartz musicals. StephenSchwartz.com [new browser window]

MusicalSchwartz.com (the site you are on) is a fan site for Stephen Schwartz. Stephenschwartz.com serves as the forum for this site. MusicalSchwartz.com has many pages for fans, such as Wicked history | Wicked Lyrics | Wicked fan party - ideas for a fan group gathering | Wicked shop where you'll find logo clothes, and The Schwartz Scene newsletter with updates from the show's composer.

Wicked's official fan facebook is at Facebook Wicked and there's a section of the official site for fans at Wicked site news and fan info

UNLIMITED: The First Wicked Fan Society is now at: http://unlimitedwicked.weebly.com/index.html

Gregory Maguire's site has a Wicked forum. Gregory Maguire - Wicked Discussion Forum - (Wicked Chat board for the musical and novel)

USA based Wicked fan sites with forums

Musicals.net has added a Wicked forum to their many forums on musicals. Wicked at musicals.net

Witches of Oz - fan site www.witchesofoz.com/ with discussion forum.

UK-based Wicked Fan Sites with forums

http://www.wickedonwestend.co.uk/ large site devoted to WICKED on the West End

http://www.wickedtheforum.com/ UK based but general WICKED

An "official" discussion forum for Wicked run by iVillage

German Wicked Fan Site


Wicked Fan Site for Finland

This fan site operates on Facebook: Wicked Fanclub Suomi

More Wicked Fan sites

Kevin's site at Geocities [new browser window] (includes lyrics) (opens new browser window)

Visit wickedonbroadway.net [new browser window] (opens new browser window) - has many article links and photos, etc

Check http://groups.yahoo.com/ [new browser window] plus a separate group for Kristin Chenoweth [new browser window].

Another WICKED FAN SITE (at geocities) [new browser window](opens new browser window)

Wicked Pop-Princess.com site [new browser window] (opens new browser window)

http://www.geocities.com/defying_gravity_site/ - fan site

http://www.theatre-musical.com/wicked.html Fan site

http://www.beyondtherainbow2oz.com/wicked-a-new-musical-in-pictures.html - This site focuses on photos

http://www.geocities.com/galindaswardrobe/ This site is about the costumes.

Official Wicked Sites:

For articles and photos visit the official Wicked site: WickedtheMusical.com [new browser window]

http://www.wickedthemusicaltour.com/ - tour


etc. Find them on Google.

More links

http://www.artspass.com/ offers WICKED interviews with Stephen Schwartz and others.

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