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Wicked the Musical International Productions

And the German Cast Album.

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Wicked in London on the West End and UK Tour

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The award-winning musical opened at London's Apollo Victoria Theatre in September 2006 and is now one of the longest running musicals on the West End. Official site Wickedthemusical.co.uk

Wicked Australia and New Zealand Areas

WICKED has toured Australia and New Zealand several times. For images from these tours go to wickedthemusical.com.au/

Wicked German recording "Die Hexen Von Oz"

Wicked cast album from the Original German Cast is now available from the UK on an English language website. Songs include:

1. Keiner weint um Hexen
2. Gutes altes Glizz
3. Zwei die sich verstehn
4. Was fühl ich in mir?
5. Nicht hier in Oz
6. Tanz durch die Welt
7. Heibgeliebt
8. Ich bin es nicht
9. Nur ein Tag
10. Seelenvoller Mann
11. Frei und schwerelos
12. Wie herrlich
13. Wundervoll
14. Ich bin es nicht (reprise)
15. Solang ich dich hab
16. Gutes tun
17. Marsch der Hexenjäger
18. Wie ich bin
19. Finale

Order from the UK Wicked Das Musical - Die Hexen Von Oz (German Cast Recording)

You can read about Stephen Schwartz's experience of working with the German translator in issue 29 of The Schwartz Scene. For subscription and back issue information, go to The Schwartz Scene newsletter

Wicked at Helsingin Kaupungin Teatteri, Helsinki, Finland

Wicked opened in Finland in August, 2010 for a limited run. See our Wicked in Finland and Denmark page for photos and a report from the director

Wicked in Japan

Website for Wicked in Japan

A Note from Stephen Schwartz about the Japanese translation: "Although my schedule did not allow me to get to Japan to see the production, the rest of the production team (Joe Mantello, Wayne Cilento, Winnie Holzman, Stephen Oremus, the producers, etc.) all were there and were very pleased with how it turned out. Winnie and I did work extensively with the translators, with several meetings and back-and-forth Emails. I was presented with a "back translation" into English of the lyrics in Japanese, and I worked through many revisions until I was satisfied that they sufficiently conveyed the meanings of the original. Unfortunately, unlike for instance the current German translation on which I am currently working, I do not speak Japanese sufficiently to be able to have read the actual Japanese lyrics, but since apparently songs don't rhyme in Japan, that didn't seem to me as crucial as in the case of other translations. I can't say I was ultimately 100% satisfied with the translation, but I felt it turned out far better than I expected and in most important essentials conveyed the necessary content and subtext."

A version of Wicked is also playing at Universal's theme park.

Here's a report from a Wicked enthusiast: I have just come back from seeing Wicked At Universal Studios in Japan in Osaka. The Tony Award-winning blockbuster Broadway musical is now offered in a special stage adaption. It is an experience in itself to walk thru the entrance which has the sign above as Universal Studios and under it a sign that says.." Dream Year" which it trully is. You then proceed to walk thru the complex and look for The Land of Oz and the yellow brick road, (as soon as you enter onto it "Somewhere over the rainbow" starts playing. there is a magical oz go-round, Toto and friends the munchkin kitchen and munchkin's everywhere. Then you continue on to find the Magnificient Wicked castle and you enter into the Amazing production of WICKED. You are taken on a journey from the minute you enter the theatre and hear all the mechanics and ticking in preparation for the opening. The music starts and the stage is a splendour of emerald green, this amazing cast that works so hard and are all so young and talented bring the whole theatre alive with excitement. The choregraphy is very tight and precise, the singing is emotionally moving from this brilliant cast. This version is all done in Japanese and this cast had to learn the language in a short time and have done extremely well. The main songs are sung in English "Wizard and I" "Defying Gravity" "For Good" "Popular"

Wicked in Japan - Blog entry

Stephen On Broadway took a trip to Tokyo and reported that Wicked is doing well in Japan. He concludes about the many curtain calls that the people were happy with it. "In the end, that audience half a world away from home ultimately seemed equally impressed, further demonstrating the transcendent appeal of Wicked's tale." Wicked in Japan [opens new window]

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