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News in 2018 - A New Cast Album!

Working London CastWorking - New Album 2018

After many years without a current album, Working has been recorded by a London cast. It includes some of the newer songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda not previously recorded, as well as the older classics. 1. All the Livelong Day, 2. Delivery, 3. Nobody Tells Me How, 4. Brother Trucker, 5. Just a Housewife, 6. Millwork, 7. The Mason, 8. It's an Art, 9. Joe, 10. A Very Good Day, 11. Cleanin' Women, 12. Fathers and Sons, 13. If I Could've Been, 14. Something to Point To

Release date March 2, 2018

WORKING CDFind the older album here: Working is available for download at Amazon - mp3 Working Original Broadway Cast

Who Wrote What? Songwriters for Working:

  • Stephen Schwartz: the opening number "All the Livelong Day", "It's an Art," "Fathers and Sons," and the newsboy's song, which was replaced by "I'm Just Movin'"; See also our "Fathers and Sons" page and "It's An Art" page
  • Micki Grant: "If I Could've Been," "Lovin' Al," and "Cleaning Women";
  • Craig Carnelia: "Just a Housewife," "The Mason," "Joe," and "Something to Point To";
  • James Taylor: "Brother Trucker," "Millwork," and the music for "Un Mejor Dia Cendra" - Matt Landers and Graciella Danielle wrote lyrics for this song.
  • Susan Birkinhead and Mary Rodgers: the teacher's song, "Nobody Tells Me How"
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda "A Very Good Day," "Delivery" (For the updated version)

Defying Gravity biography includes WORKINGWorking the Musical - From Page to Stage

In the Stephen Schwartz biography Defying Gravity 2nd Edition you'll find a behind-the-scenes account of the way Schwartz and his collaborators developed and revised Working the musical. Schwartz reveals why he chose additional songwriter to create the score and what his rationale was for developing a non-fiction musical.

The story of Working in Defying Gravity also includes comments from co-adaptor Nina Faso, producer Irwin Meyer, cast members Lynne Thigpen, Robin Lamont, Matt Landers, David Patrick Kelly, and songwriters Micki Grant, Craig Carnelia, Stephen Schwartz, and Susan Birkenhead. Readers gain insights about individual songs in relationship to the musical as a whole.

Original Production and Revised Version of Working

Working by Studs TerkelBased on the best-selling book of interviews with American workers by Studs Terkel, Working explores the American workday from the Monday morning blues to a working person's pride in having "something to point to." Stephen Schwartz and Nina Faso adapted Working into a stage play, mostly using the original words of some uncommon common men and women.

Working is a down-to-earth yet elevating musical that features songs that were also based on real interviews. The music is by Stephen Schwartz, James Taylor, Micki Grant, Craig Carnelia, Mary Rodgers, and Lin Manuel Miranda.

Working lyrics for the show are by Stephen Schwartz; Micki Grant; Craig Carnelia; James Taylor; Susan Birkenhead; Matt landers and Graciela Daniele, and Lin Manuel Miranda. See details below.

In the musical, twenty-six workers, including a parking lot attendant, corporate executive, schoolteacher, gas man, housewife, fireman, waitress, millworker, sailor, etc., sing and talk about their jobs, defining not only their daily round, but their hopes and aspirations as well.

The show opened on Broadway 5/14/1978. Although it had a short run, the musical became popular for regional theatres, colleges, and high schools. A revised version for six or more actors is available for licensing through Music Theatre International.

The updated version (2012) introduces songs and content relevant to the technology-filled world of today (quite different from that of the 1970s). It includes new characters, monologues, and songs addressing aspects of 21st Century work life, such as outsourcing, technology, fast-food, caregiving and fundraising. This version preserves earlier material that is still relevant to today's world.

Working the Musical - More Recordings Compact Disk icon

Working Cast Albums

WORKING 2018See top of this page for info on the latest album

Working the musical recordingLA Theatre Works production - Unabridged edition (December 26, 2000) Working: Starring Eileen Barnett, Orson Bean, Harry Groener, Kaitlin Hopkins, Michael Kostroff, Kenna Ramsey, Vickilyn Reynolds, Vincent Tumeo and B.J. Ward, Stephen Schwartz's son, Scott Schwartz, directed this production. Includes songs and more.

James Taylor recorded his songs from Working on several of his albums and videos. See the James Taylor section below. Craig Carnelia songs are included on various albums.

Don't miss Stephen Schwartz singing his own touching rendition of "Fathers and Sons" on The Stephen Schwartz Album

Read about it: Working Cast Album: Article by Bruce Kimmel: Working on WORKING: The Journey towards a Long-awaited CD

Note that this re-release version includes additional bonus tracks: 16. I'm Just Movin'

17. Hots Michael at the Piano (previously unreleased demo recording performed by the composer Craig Carnelia)

18. The Mason (previously unreleased demo recording performed by the composer Craig Carnelia)

19. Joe (Carnelia) (previously unreleased demo recording performed by the composer Craig Carnelia)

20. Lovin' Al (previously unreleased demo recording performed by the composer Micki Grant)

21. Fathers & Sons (performed by the composer Stephen Schwartz)

Working Sheet Music & Lyrics

Working / Vocal Selections - Alfred Publishing Co., Inc. (November 1997) Song Titles include: All the Livelong Day * Brother Trucker * Cleanin' Women * Fathers and Sons * If I Could've Been * It's an Art * Joe * Just a Housewife * Lovin' All * The Mason * Millwork * Neat to Be a Newsboy *Nobody Tellls Me How (the teacher song) * Something to Point to, Un Mejor Dia Cendra Working: Vocal Selections (Amazon.com)

DETAILS WITH KEYS: 15 songs including All the Livelong Day(C), Lovin' Al (B flat), The Mason(F), Neat To Be A Newsboy(A min/G), Nobody Tells Me How(E), Un Mejor Dia Vendra(F), Brother Trucker(B), Fathers and Sons(F sharp min), If I Could've Been (A), It's An Art(A), Joe (D), Just a Housewife (D), Millwork(A), Cleanin' Women (D flat/D), and Something to Point to (B flat).

For some lyrics from Working show - see Working lyrics

Songbook cover

For sheet music for all of Schwartz's musicals except Wicked check out the Stephen Schwartz songbook.

Includes 292 pages of songs as Stephen plays them.

Selections from Working show in The Stephen Schwartz Songbook: includes a revised lyric for "It's an Art" plus "Fathers and Sons"

"Just a Housewife" and "The Mason" are included in the Craig Carnelia Songbook - Expanded Edition (P/V/G Composer Collection)  

Working the Musical: DVD of the Television version

cover for Working
Working play: Broadway Archives created a DVD from the tape from American Playhouse, WNET and KCET, 1982 Studs Terkel's Working (Broadway Theatre Archive)

Also available as a downloadable rental or purchase: Downloadable version of Working the Musical

Stephen Schwartz directed this PBS production of his show Working. Watch for James Taylor singing his trucking song and sharing his great smile. Studs Terkel introduces the show. You'll see Schwartz's wife Carole in the role of supermarket checker. There are many noteworthy performers and performances.

James Taylor and Working

James TaylorEnjoy "Millwork" and "Traffic Jam" from the Broadway musical Working, along with eighteen other songs on the concert performance DVD James Taylor - Pull Over - Amazon.com [new browser window]

ABOUT WORKING AND JAMES TAYLOR: In the mid 1970's Stephen Schwartz and Nina Faso adapted Studs Terkel's book Working for a stage musical. To match the mosaic quality of the book, Schwartz recruited a collection of songwriters to create the score with him, including James Taylor. Schwartz says, "Working with James Taylor was a great thrill for me, because I had always been a fan of his music and had been influenced by him."

For the show, Taylor developed heart-wrenching ballad "Millwork," sung on the album by Robin Lamont. It also features Taylor's peppy "Brother Trucker" and the music for "Un Mejor Dia." Later, his jazzy "Traffic Jam" was added to the show.

Most of these can be heard on the Working album, video, and DVD. Taylor also performs them on his "Live" CD and a concert DVD. Taylor recorded his songs from Working on Flag Flag [new browser window]

In the biography James Taylor: Long Ago and Far Away (Amazon.com) [new browser window], there's a passage explaining Taylor's thrill at being able, through his intuition, to step into the experience of a mill working woman for "Millwork."

Resources, Features, Reviews for the musical Workingcamera icon 

A related item to Working: Studs Terkel's Working: A Teaching Guide with 200 pages of classroom materials--including questions, topics for discussion, tips for taking oral histories, and a bibliography of related resources.

Studs Terkel - Bio, books, audio book - Read more about this interesting man who was an expert interviewer.

A comparison chart between characters in the musical and Terkel book: Working - Cross Reference between Working the Musical and Working by Studs Terkel - Find out where the monologues and song ideas came from.

Working Reworked: Read about the Old Globe Theatre production of Working. Why was the show revised? What were the ideas behind it? Check here.

Working CD: Working on WORKING: The Journey towards a Long-awaited CD, By Bruce Kimmel | Review by Robert Levy of the 2001 release of the cast album

Review of the Video
Working Review

Production photos and review of a Revised version of WORKING
American Theater Company Chicago 2000.

Details on the Broadway dates, cast, creatives, and songs can be found at the Internet Broadway Database entry for Working the musical

See Tonyaward.com for Tony info on other shows.

Nominations for Working were:

1978 Tony Award® Best Book of a Musical
Book adapted by Stephen Schwartz [nominee]

1978 Tony Award® Best Original Score
Lyrics by Craig Carnelia, Micki Grant, Susan Birkenhead, Stephen Schwartz, James Taylor; Music by Craig Carnelia, Micki Grant, Mary Rodgers, Stephen Schwartz, James Taylor [nominee]

1978 Tony Award® Best Featured Actor in a Musical
Steven Boockvor [nominee]
Rex Everhart [nominee]

1978 Tony Award® Best Scenic Design
Scenic Design by David Mitchell [nominee]

1978 Tony Award® Best Lighting Design
Lighting Design by Ken Billington [nominee]

Licensing Working for performance

Music Theatre International's detailed description and ordering information for the production - search on Working at http://www.mtishows.com

Working Show Schedule

As you may know, the DVD of Working was produced in more of a TV documentary style than a stage musical, and therefore is not a suitable model for stage productions. If you want to see how Working works on stage, you'll need to travel to a live production. Go to MTI Shows and find the WORKING page. Then look for the blue tab that says "Upcoming." Click there for a list of licensed productions.

Working Cast List - Updated Version with 6 or more actors

Here is one optional configuration of parts, in which 6 actors play 26 roles. Directors may also add more cast members and split up the speaking roles.

Plays: Rex Winship, Frank Decker, Conrad Swibel, Mason Soloist, Tom Patrick, Ralph Werner
Vocal Range: C3- A4

Plays: Freddy Rodriquez, Raj Chadha, Allen Epstein, Anthony Coelho, Utkarsh Trajilo, Charlie Blossom
Vocal Range: D3- B4

Plays: Mike Dillard, Eddie Jaffe, Joe Zutty
Vocal Range: B2- E4

Plays: Terry Mason, Sharon Atkins, Grace Clements, Theresa Liu
Range: E3- D5

Plays: Amanda McKenny, Kate Rushton, Roberta Victor, Maggie Holmes
Vocal Range: E3- E♭5

Plays: Rose Hoffman, Candy Cottingham, Delores Dante
Vocal Range: F♯3- C5

Working Cast List Older Version

AL CALINDA Parking Lot Attendant
Tenor - High B flat
AMANDA McKENNY Project Manager
REX WINSHIP Corporate Executive
ROSE HOFFMAN School Teacher
BABE SECOLI Supermarket Checker
Contemporary Belt/Mix
ROBERTO NUNEZ Boxboy and Migrant Worker.
CONRAD SWIBEL UPS delivery man
Contemporary Belt/Mix
CANDY COTTINGHAM Political Fundraiser
Pop Alto
Rock Baritone/Tenor
HEATHER LAMB Telephone Operator
SHARON ATKINS Receptionist
ENID DuBOIS Telephone Solicitor
Contemporary Belt
JOE ZUTTY Retiree, Older Character
MAGGIE HOLMES Cleaning Woman
Contemporary Pop/Belt


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