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"Fathers and Sons" from the musical Working

Stephen Schwartz "Fathers and Sons" from Working

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Stephen Schwartz and Scott Schwartz as father and son

[Photo: Father and Son: Stephen Schwartz and Scott Schwartz in 2001 when Scott directed his father's show, Godspell.]

"Fathers and Sons" - lyrics

Music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. Protected by Copyright

I heard a lotta songs say "where you goin' my son?"
Now I know they're true
Boy, you never stop to think how fast the years run
Now they've taken you
I remember you was three 'n' a half
Your ma and me, we'd sit there after things got quieted
We'd laugh at some new word you said
How tough you were to get to bed
And we'd plan the night away
Planning for our kid ...

I was your hero then
I couldn't do no wrong, as far as you were concerned
You thought I was the best of men
The tables hadn't turned
You hadn't learned
How little time it takes
And daddies make mistakes ...

Seems to me that lately I been thinkin' a lot
I think about my dad
Lots of funny things come back I thought I'd forgot
Now they make me sad
High school and it used to be
I didn't want him touchin' me, and I shuddered if he did
Further back to summer nights
Baseball games beneath the lights
And sleepin' in the car
My daddy and his kid ...

He was my hero then
He couldn't do no wrong, as far as I was concerned
I thought he was the wisest and the strongest
And the best of men
The tables hadn't turned
I hadn't learned
How little time it takes
And everybody breaks
And daddies make mistakes ......

I heard a lotta songs say: "where you goin', my son?"
Now I know they're for real
Boy, you never stop to think how fast the years run
And the things they steal
Now it seems I always knew
Why I do the things I do
And the things I never did
Why I work my whole damn life
So's I could give a better life
Than the one my dad could give me
I give it
To my kid ...

The Story behind Father's and Sons

Defying GravityStephen Schwartz wrote "Fathers and Sons" for the musical Working, but it also reflected his life experience. He drew from his feelings about being parented by Stan Schwartz while growing up on Long Island, and being the father of two children, including a son.

Defying Gravity: The Creative Career of Stephen Schwartz, from Godspell to Wicked, In interviews for the book, Schwartz revealed his dreams for the musical Working.

The book includes a photo of 4 generations of Schwartz men - Stephen's grandfather, father, himself, and his infant son, Scott.

Recordings of "Fathers and Sons"

Enjoy Stephen Schwartz's folk-influenced rendition of "Fathers and Sons" on Working the Musical

LA Theatre Works production - Unabridged edition (December 26, 2000) Working: Starring Eileen Barnett, Orson Bean, Harry Groener, Kaitlin Hopkins, Michael Kostroff, Kenna Ramsey, Vickilyn Reynolds, Vincent Tumeo and B.J. Ward, Stephen Schwartz's son, Scott Schwartz, directed this production. Includes songs and more.

Sheet music for Fathers and Songs

Working / Vocal Selections - Alfred Publishing Co., Inc. (November 1997) Song Titles include: All the Livelong Day * Brother Trucker * Cleanin' Women * Fathers and Sons * If I Could've Been * It's an Art * Joe * Just a Housewife * Lovin' All * The Mason * Millwork * Neat to Be a Newsboy *Nobody Tellls Me How (the teacher song) * Something to Point to, Un Mejor Dia Cendra Working: Vocal Selections (Amazon.com)

Songbook cover

For sheet music for all of Schwartz's musicals except Wicked check out the Stephen Schwartz songbook. Includes 292 pages of songs as Stephen plays them. Includes "Fathers and Sons"

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