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The musical Children of Eden and Children of Eden Jr.

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Licensing Children of Eden and Children of Eden Jr for performance

Music Theatre International provides a detailed description and ordering information. For Children of Eden licensing - MTIShows.com

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Is there a Children of Eden original cast album?

Sort of. It never played on Broadway but the Paper Mill Playhouse cast was recorded in 1998, providing the "American Premiere Recording. All of the following represent the show as it is now performed.

Children of Eden - Complete Cast Album
American Premiere Recording, RCA, 1998 (37 tracks, 2 CD Set) Buy Children Of Eden - 1998 New Jersey Cast - [new browser window]
Children of Eden - Highlights

Children Of Eden: Highlights (1998 New Jersey Cast)

American Premiere Recording, RCA, Highlights, 1998 (21 tracks)
  • Let There Be, The Naming, Father's Day, The Spark Of Creation, In Pursuit Of Excellence, A World Without You, The Expulsion, The Wasteland, Lost In The Wilderness, Close To Home, The Mark Of Cain, Children Of Eden, Generations, A Piece Of Eight, The Return Of The Animals, Stranger To The Rain, In Whatever Time We Have, The Flood, The Hardest Part Of Love, Ain't It Good?, In The Beginning

Book Chronicles Children of Eden's Creative Development Story

Defying GravityDo you need a gift for someone performing in or directing Children of Eden? Consider Defying Gravity: The Creative Career of Stephen Schwartz from Godspell to Wicked - Revised and Updated Second Edition

The book explores the genesis of Children of Eden, from Charles Lisanby's conception and the early oratorio version by Schwartz, through the London production (including photographs), and revisions worked out in America. The Children of Eden chapters include quotations drawn from interviews with Lisanby, Schwartz, bookwriter John Caird, and others that explore the philosophy behind the musical. It also brings to light Schwartz's creative process for all of his shows, from Godspell through Wicked. Defying Gravity: The Creative Career of Stephen Schwartz, from Godspell to Wicked

Children of Eden Sheet Music 

Printed Vocal Selections

Buy Children of Eden Vocal Selections. [new browser window] - Amazon.com

Vocal Selections from Children of Eden - Warner Bros. Publications includes Ain't It Good * Children of Eden * Close to Home * The Hardest Part of Love * In the Beginning * In Pursuit of Excellence * In Whatever Time We Have * Lost in the Wilderness * Spark of Creation * Stranger to the Rain * Wasteland * A World Without You.

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Downloadable Sheet Music for Children of Eden

For digital downloads go to Broadway at Musicnotes.com and use the search box to enter "Children of Eden."

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The Smash Broadway Collection: 100 Great... [new browser window] . 100 Great Songs of the Century includes "In Whatever Time We Have" from Children of Eden, "Beautiful City" from Godspell, and "Corner of the Sky," from Pippin, and 97 other Broadway greats. 436 pages, 40 different musicals.

EUROPE: Children of Eden - Amazon.com UK

Children of Eden Overview and Summary

Music Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. Book by John Caird.

The musical Children of Eden is now in the top 20 of musicals most frequently licensed by Music Theatre International, which is unusual for a show that never played on Broadway. It's popularity has spread by word of mouth. The score is a favorite of many Schwartz fans and includes a vast range of styles beyond "typical" broadway. The love song "In Whatever Time We Have" is thought to be the most popular Schwartz song performed at weddings.

Children of Eden is perhaps the least describable Schwartz musical because it holds meaning on so many levels. The excuse for the story is Genesis--both the first books and the story of Noah's ark. But audiences immediately experience that the relationships between Father, Adam, and Eve has more to do with earthly families, their immediate challenges and their generational legacies.

Children of Eden can be breathtaking if done well, and delightful in any case. Be sure to check the show schedules link to see a show in your area.--Carol de Giere

SEE ALSO: Children of Eden Synopsis (Plot summary), Song list with Characters, Vocal ranges

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An early version of Children of Eden opened on London's West End in early 1991. Stephen Schwartz and John Caird substantially revised the work when it came to America, and then Music Theatre International made it available for licensing.

More about the Musical

Children of Eden is Stephen Schwartz's favorite of his own shows. He wrote, in answer to a question, "I think the work of which I am most proud is Children of Eden, for several reasons. To begin with, I think it's my best score musically. It also contains the song that is maybe my personal favorite of my songs from a purely visceral point of view, "Stranger to the Rain", a song that embodies how I feel about parenting (which is very important to me), "The Hardest Part of Love", and above all, the song that most most espouses my philosophy of life and which, if I had one song to be remembered by, is the one I would choose: "In the Beginning". There are more of the themes that I return to over and over – personal responsibility, rebellion, intellectual independence, as well as overcoming family dysfunctions -- in this work than in any of my other shows. And I am proud of the fact that I kept working on the show after its initial failure in its London premiere, so that it has become a viable and often performed piece that I know will live on after I'm gone."

Children of Eden songs on other albumsCompact Disc icon

The London West End Cast Album for Children of Eden is not in print and was recorded before the show was revised. However, you can hear one of the songs on John Barr's album:

Children of Eden - London version

"World Without You"

  • John Barr - A Small Affair - (Dress Circle, 1998) available in US and UK.

Children of Eden - US version

"Hardest Part of Love"

"In Whatever Time We Have"

"Spark of Creation"

"Stranger to the Rain"

Online Community

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Children of Eden Costume and Set rental

Set for Children of Eden from Music Theatre Wichita Broadway Rentals: Children of Eden rental

Costumes can be rented from On Cue Costumes http://oncuecostumesonline.com/

The animal masks that were designed for the Cranford Dramatic Club's 2006 production of "Children of Eden" are available to rent. There are many different animals available. Some are worn over the face and some are worn on top of the head. The masks are sort of constructed in the style of "The Lion King." Please contact: Cranford Dramatic Club, 78 Winans Ave, Cranford NJ 07016
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LYRICS: Children of Eden songs with lyrics for "In Whatever Time We Have" and "Stranger to the Rain"

Children of Eden plot summary - Synopsis, Song list, Vocal ranges

The director and choreographer for Seacoast Repertory Theatre's production of Children of Eden production offers his thoughtful perspective on the musical and Stephen Schwartz's career. Colorful photos show off this production's professionalism and fun.
Seacoast's Children of Eden

Photographer Paul Pederson contributed dramatic photos from one of the largest productions of Children of Eden, a Canadian show from Theatre Outreach on Stage.

Children of Eden Show Schedule

If your school or group is planning a production of Children of Eden , you might want to travel to see a production near you for ideas and the feeling of the show. The show is not available on tape or DVD and so seeing a live production is the only option. For a list of productions of Children of Eden around North America, visit MTISHOWS.com Children of Eden page. Once you are there, look for the blue tab on the far right that says "UPCOMING." Click there and you'll find dozens of licensed productions.

The Hardest Part of Love - picture book for children.

From the publisher: "This new book, an adaptation of Stephen Schwartz's eloquent and affecting song, "The Hardest Part of Love" from the widely popular staged musical CHILDREN OF EDEN and his RELUCTANT PILGRIM CD, will pull at the heartstrings of all parents and elate Stephen Schwartz fans with its beautiful, sophisticated pictures and enclosed CD featuring the songwriter himself." Available at: http://www.stillsonstudio.com/

The songs have been used for weddings and to meet inspirational needs. See special occasions recordings page for stories.

Orff Instruments

What Stephen Schwartz says about using them: During "The Naming", some of the Storytellers (those who can) play little xylophones and percussion instruments known as Orff instruments (because they were invented for use by schoolchildren by Carl Orff, the composer of "Carmina Burana"). Also during "The Return" and, in some productions, "The Flood." In some productions, some of the Storytellers play guitars for "The Wasteland", and of course, percussion instruments for "Generations". And in all productions, they should reprise the sounds they make during the Cain/Abel fight when the same scene reoccurs with Japheth and Ham.

Children of Eden on Broadway

In 2004 Schwartz answered a frequently asked question about Children of Eden on Broadway. He said, "I would love to see a Broadway production of Children of Eden. But because of the cast size requirements (a choir of Storytellers, a chorus of children to be the Animals, etc.), it would be necessary to obtain concessions from Equity and perhaps other unions to make it economically feasible. This would, obviously, be difficult, and thus far no producer has emerged who is willing to try to accomplish the negotiations."

Stephen Schwartz participated in a backer's audition in August of 2007 for a possible Children of Eden tour that could come in to Broadway. According to a news report, the production is set to be a family affair, with Scott Schwartz— Stephen's son, a respected New York and regional director — slated to stage the musical. (Schwartz and Schwartz are currently working together as a composer/director team for an opera.)

Erik Orton, of O Productions, is lead producer with Alan Wasser Associates serving as general management for the production. Orton and producing partner Karen Walter Goodwin embark on familiar Biblical territory with Children of Eden; they produced the 2005 Off-Broadway production of The Ark, about Noah, his family and the famous flood.