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Check for the newsletter compilation of composer-lyricist Stephen Schwartz's recent activities on The Schwartz Scene site. Go to https://www.theschwartzscene.com/ and look for the link to the current issue. Watch for news of The Prince of Egypt new stage musical, other musicals and movies in progress, and his performances and public interviews. This issues appear several times a year.

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Our back issue content is available online in our archives. Stephen Schwartz's udpates have been compiled here:

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The Schwartz Scene is from Carol de Giere, website publisher for MusicalSchwartz.com and author of Defying Gravity:
The Creative Career of Stephen Schwartz, from Godspell to Wicked
. [Read about Defying Gravity]

BACK ISSUES LIST: Back issues will give insights on Wicked's Development and the history of other Schwartz musicals, and Stephen Schwartz's perspective. Get to know him!

See others on the Schwartz Scene site.

Schwartz Scene 45 - Winter 2012. News of Schwartz's trip to India for the new movie project Monkey's of Mumbai, concert news, and more.

Schwartz Scene 44 - Autumn 2011. Stephen Schwartz shares his thoughts about the new Pippin production in London, his experience working on the Godspell revival on Broadway and more.

Schwartz Scene 43 - Summer 2011. Mr. Schwartz comments on Snapshots, My Fairy Tale, and other projects.

Schwartz Scene 42 - Stephen Schwartz wrote an update for this issue about his experiences with Working the musical and other new projects including a new movie, his opera, and My Fairy Tale American premiere.

Schwartz Scene 41 - Winter 2010 - News of upcoming events for meeting Stephen Schwartz, his opera, etc.

Schwartz Scene 40 - Fall 2010 - Stephen Schwartz's update from his trip to Finland to see the new production of Wicked (one using new designs), a report from his trip to Australia, photos, upcoming concerts and events where you can meet Stephen, and more.

Schwartz Scene 39 - (late) Summer 2010 - Schedule of Schwartz-related events. If you would like to meet Stephen Schwartz, and live anywhere near Chicago, New York City, Kalamazoo Michigan, Pittsburgh, Montreal, or Los Angeles, be sure to check the event schedule in this issue. Also news from Schwartz's Australia trip including a video clip link, and more.

Schwartz Scene 38 - Spring 2010, Stephen Schwartz has written a long update for subscribers, all about his travels related to a production of "Wicked" premiering in August in Helsinki, Finland, his trip to Brazil, his opera, and other projects. In this issue you'll also find information on new recordings with Schwartz songs, upcoming Australia events, several articles, a You Tube video link with Schwartz at the piano, and more.

Schwartz Scene 37 - Schwartz Scene 37 - Winter 2010. Wicked and Stephen Schwartz news with many concert and events listings.

Schwartz Scene 36 - Fall 2009 - Stephen Schwartz's comments about his challenges in writing and orchestrating his first opera, opportunities to meet him, world news for Wicked, "For Good" personal story.

Schwartz Scene 35 - Summer 2009. This issue is packed, as usual, with news of Schwartz-related past and future events around the USA, and Wicked news. Carol de Giere wrote two articles for this issue. The first takes readers inside the Songwriters Hall of Fame event. the other covers Schwartz's attendance of the Woodstock festival in August 1969, as well as the influence of 1960s music on his scores.

Schwartz Scene 34 - Spring 2009 This issue announces Stephen Schwartz's many recent awards and honors and lists several opportunities to meet him this spring. Readers will find Wicked news from around the world, news of special productions of Pippin and Working, and more.

Scene 33 - Winter 2009. In addition to the usual news of Wicked productions around the world, the issue provides articles about special revivals of Pippin and Working. The issue listed Stephen Schwartz's travel schedule in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Washington, DC, or Florida.

Scene 32 - Fall 2008: This issue includes dozens of events in different parts of the world in October and November as well as very special new products. It reports on the Behind the Emerald Curtain Tour, Wicked news including the new 5th Anniversary CD, and more.

Scene 31 - Summer 2008. We skipped a spring issue this year so I could finish my book Defying Gravity: the Creative Career of Stephen Schwartz, from Godspell to Wicked. In his longer-than-usual update, Stephen Schwartz describes his recent experiences with cast members and musicals. He also writes about my book. The issue includes important schedule details for Stephen Schwartz and Friends concerts.

Scene 30, Winter 2008. Stephen Schwartz wrote his update on the plane when returning home from the Oscars. He described what it was like to be an awards nominee this year. As always, the issue provides Wicked news. It features a podcast interview with Schwartz about his lyrics for Enchanted, a listing of about a dozen events around the USA with Stephen Schwartz, including concerts, opening night events, etc.

Scene 29 Fall 2007. The Fall issue included Stephen Schwartz's update about his work on Disney's Enchanted, his trip to Wicked in Germany, other Wicked news, articles about the Showbusiness documentary and a podcast interview with Schwartz on "Fathers and Sons."

Scene 28, Summer 2007 featured Stephen Schwartz's update written July 7th, 2007. The schedule of events includes upcoming opportunities to meet Stephen in Chicago, NY, LA, Pittsburgh, or Daytona. It included Wicked news and links, and a couple of articles.

Scene 27, Spring 2007 featured our first podcast/audio clip interview with Stephen Schwartz. He discusses his opera, Wicked, and the musical writing process. In the schedule of events you'll note opportunities to meet Stephen. Read news for Schwartz musicals from around the world.

Scene 26 - Winter 2007: In this issue Stephen shares his progress on his first opera, the work he's doing with the orchestra for opening Wicked in Los Angeles, Disney's Enchanted, a revue of his songs called Snapshots, and more. Plus you'll see Wicked news from New York/Broadway, London, USA/Canada tour, Chicago, and Los Angeles. There's a feature article on Disney's Enchanted and schedule of upcoming events.

Scene 25 - Fall 2006: Stephen Schwartz wrote a detailed update about the types of changes for WICKED in London, Los Angeles WICKED comments, his love of the Paper Mill version of GODSPELL, upcoming opera, and more. There's also a feature article about how he deals with deadlines and doubts, news and schedules for musical events around the US, Canada, and UK.

Scene 24 - Summer 2006: Stephen Schwartz wrote an update for this issue describing his experiences with Disney's Enchanted (currently being filmed), Geppetto and Son new stage show, his plans for seeing Wicked in Japan, and more. There's updated info on Pippin and Godspell productions, features, etc. etc.

Scene 23 - SPRING 2006: A huge E-zine issue, with photos of the 1000th Broadway performance of Wicked, feature articles on Fiyero! and Godspell 1970, links to Pippin-related interviews, Geppetto and Son news, concert and ASCAP announcements, and much more.

Scene 22 - WINTER 2006: Wicked UK, Chicago, Tour, Broadway updates, Schwartz appearances around the USA. Feature with photos on Schwartz's career. Schwartz's advice for writers.

Scene 21 - FALL 2005: Schwartz on My Fairy Tale, Tons of Wicked and other Schwartz news, feature on Schwartz's cut songs, and feature on Animals in Wicked's Oz.

Scene 20 - SUMMER 2005: Schwartz on Wicked's LA and Chicago openings, etc.; Feature article on Godspell; Wicked news and links.

Scene 19: Schwartz Q and A, Wicked news, Captain Louie recording session story, Alice Ripley interview for The Baker's Wife

Scene 18: Schwartz writing on the Wicked tour, Denmark for My Fairy Tale, etc; articles on: Idina Menzel, Wicked's Groundbreak Score, and more.

Scene 17: Wicked's Musical Themes, etc.

Scene 16: The writing of Wicked's "What is This Feeling" and more.

Scene 15: Schwartz inspiration, Stephen Oremus, etc.

Scene 14 included Stephen's notes from his recent Broadway experience plus comments on the Wicked CD by Gregory Maguire and more.

Scene 13 included notes on Schwartz's writing of "The Wizard and I" from a talk he gave July 10th 2003.

Scenes 1-12 Schwartz Updates as Wicked moved towards Broadway. Previous issues include Q and A with Stephen Schwartz, Peggy Gordan (Godspell), and others.

So if you are an aspiring composer, songwriter, student, musical theatre enthusiasts, or fan of Broadway, this newsletter is special for the musical theatre development insights. Stay current and learn from a Legend: Stephen Schwartz. Note, sometimes people mistype his name Steven Schwartz.

Praise for The Schwartz Scene

This newsletter is incredible!!! The detail and amount of info are staggering. I don't know how you do all this! I love it, thanks so much for sending it to me. -- G.S. New York

I just want to say THANK YOU for the work you do on this newsletter. It makes me feel in touch with Stephen and his work, and indeed Broadway in general. Thanks!--Brian B. of Cincinnati, Ohio

Thanks for keeping the archive of the previous Stephen Schwartz newsletters. I've enjoyed reading them and sort of 're-living' the creation process of Wicked... and witnessing Mr. Schwartz's talents at work! -- Thom G. - Colorado

I just want to tell you thank you for sending all this information to WICKED fans. It means alot to me, and Im sure alot of other people... Once again thanks for all your hard work. --Jack S. Pleasant hill, CA

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