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Wicked Logo Clothes, Wicked souvenirs, Wicked Posters, Signed Books, Shirts, Puzzles, and more memorabilia

Wicked leggingsWICKED Souvenirs USA

The Ozdust Boutique: The only official source for WICKED THE MUSICAL merchandise (opens in new window)

Get your Wicked clothes here, and so much more. Click on the "Apparel" "Souvenirs" "Jewelry" and "Media" sections. Merchandise includes Wicked the musical shirts, Wicked backpack, Wicked logo mug, souvenir books, Wicked leggings, Wicked track jacket, Wicked socks, Defy Gravity cap and Wicked beanies, Wicked wrapping paper, Chistery Monkey, and more.

Essential Books for Wicked Fans

1. Updated SECOND EDITION Defying Gravity: The Creative Career of Stephen Schwartz, from Godspell to Wicked. Defying Gravity - must-read book. (Signed copies are available.)

Defying Gravity Second Edition Stephen Schwartz

This essential book features hundreds of behind-the-scenes stories of Wicked's creative development. It includes many special features, such as the full story behind "For Good," handwritten notes for several songs, the original show outline, dozens of photos, and more. NEW EDITION has a chapter on WICKED WORLDWIDE.

2. Wicked: the Grimmerie. A special souvenir book for fans. Note that most of the script is in the Wicked Grimmerie souvenir book. This essential book provides lyrics, many color and black and white photos, and comments mostly organized by topics.

3. Unnaturally Green Unnaturally Green memoir Wicked memoir by an Elphaba - Unnaturally Green  

What is it like to be on stage as Elphaba? Find out in this humorous romp of a memoir. Unnaturally Green presents the real-life account of Felicia Ricci as she tackles the role of Elphaba, Wicked's green-skinned heroine. She leaps countless hurdles, both professional and personal: conquering the "Songs of Death," and more. A must-have for teens and aspiring performers.

4. One of the Wicked Songbooks. On MusicalSchwartz.com, Stephen Schwartz describes the show songbooks he was involved in creating. Read details and find links Wicked Songbooks.

5. Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West - Novel Wicked logo used as cover for tie in Musical Tie-in Edition : The Life... [new browser window]

This musical tie-in edition of Gregory Maguire's novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West features 16 pages of photos from the Broadway show. Maguire based his novel on one of the most popular stories of all times: The Wizard of Oz, yet had provided a new, psychological "life and times" story of an unusual heroine--the Wicked Witch of the West--whom he called Elphaba.

6. Wicked nonfiction

Wicked a musical biographyWicked: A Musical Biography  - This book by Paul Laird, a professor of Musicology at the University of Kansas, provides details on Wicked's development that may be of special interest to musicians and super fans. Includes images of Stephen Schwartz's handwritten music.

Another book, The Wicked Truth by Suzanne Ross, explores the depth, understanding and intelligence of Stephen Schwartz's blockbuster musical Wicked. Containing quotes from the play and song lyrics, The Wicked Truth reveals the ways modern society is not so different from the mythical land of Oz. Stephen Schwartz declares, "The Wicked Truth is a fascinating and valuable study of the ways we all wrestle with wickedness within and without us and how we can combat it."


Wickedly green glovesGREEN HANDS: Add to your Elphaba greenness for any upcoming party with these: 22" Classic Adult Size Long Opera Length Satin Gloves in 41 Colors Assorted Glove Colors: Hunter Green

Witchy Witch CostumeWITCH COSTUME, GLINDA COSTUME Need a costume for a Wickedly cool party?

Amazon.com Costume Store - search on "Witch" or "Glinda" to find costumes in all sizes.

GREEN MAKEUP! Here are a few options

New Magic To Do album includes Stephen Schwartz songs like Defying Gravity and Popular. See details on the Magic to Do album page.

Wicked souvenir chisteryWICKED MEMORABILIA USA: Flying monkey, mugs, key chains...Oh My! Find them in the souvenir section of The Ozdust Boutique - Wearing shirts and other Wicked the musical merchandise is a great way to share your enthusiasm for the show.


Wizard of Oz doll GlindaAmazon.com has sold out of the limited edition of Elphaba and Glinda dolls but they do have this: Glinda the Good Witch and several witch dolls

Remember Billie Burke's super sweet Glinda who descends in a pink bubble? She can be remebered with this doll dressed in her famous fairy-like pink gown. This magical Glinda comes dressed in a pink gown, ready to sparkle into your child's playtime. Also Wizard of Oz: Glinda, The Good Witch Barbie Doll  Barbie also comes as Glinda or as the Wicked Witch.

Wicked Witch of the West There is the green-faced witch in her full witch outfit, based on the movie version but relevant (a sweet enough face) to serve as a toy for Wicked the musical enthusiasts.

Also consider Scarecrow Play Doll; Tin Man Play Doll And don't forget the Flying Monkeys.

Wicked in puzzles

Broadway Puzzle

1000-piece Broadway puzzle includes Wicked images. Broadway Puzzle

Wicked the musical Ornaments Keepsakes

Glinda in her bubble and more


Wicked Merchandise UK. Buy unique Wicked items from created for the London production:

WICKED THE MUSICAL merchandise - UK [Please see their customer service FAQ page for international shipping instructions.]

Wicked Poster and More

Wicked posterWICKED Poster - Measures 14 X 22 inches. Printed on glossy organic poster paper. The poster is a generic version with no cast members names, so it applies to all Wicked shows.

AMAZON: Wicked posters, mugs, and more - Amazon (link opens in new browser window)

Wicked Good Cook

Support Broadway Cares charity with your purchase of this Wicked apron. Wicked Good Cook apron - Broadway Cares store (opens new Browser window)

For Musicals Fans

Here's another gift idea: Musical Jewelry - it's not specific to Wicked the musical, but closely related.

image Music Notes Jewelry at Amazon.com

Wicked "For Good" sheet music

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Sheet music instant downloads: "For Good" piano/vocal selections - melody in piano part

For choral versions see "For Good" choral, etc.

For more Wicked sheet music: Get WICKED Sheet Music


About the Wicked Poster and Logo development

From the book Defying Gravity that includes Wicked history: "One thing Schwartz wanted was a hand in his show's public image, but instead the concept for Wicked's logo and poster would be determined by Stone and Platt in meetings with ad agency Serino Coyne, Inc. Soon the witches of Oz in a yin/yang-like curve of black and white with a green sky background emerged from an artist's drawing based on the group concept. It gave a Wicked poster souvenirssleek, contemporary profile to the show that visually presented an archetypal motif of opposites coming together."

The Wicked poster features the "Good" witch in white whispering to the Green witch. We don't know what she is whispering but it's a sign of their enduring friendship. The poster, among all the Wicked souviners, is one of the most popular.

Ethan Gladstone is the artist who did the actual design work. He was working for now defunct key art company in Hollywood called Creative Domain. He recalls, "When the Wicked poster came into Creative domain, no assets were available so I used the receptionist (for the lips and silhouette) and another employee for the white witch's profile. The fluid ying yang body forms were created as much for concept as just not having any assets to work with.... I had no idea it was going to be so huge [of a hit]"

When asked "Do you happen to remember any discussion of what the witches are whispering about?" Ethan replies, "To be honest... no. I was not given a script or synopsis. I was just told the concept and to run with it."

About the design of the word "Wicked" logo, a company called Trailer Park developed it. They create movie trailers, print campaigns, etc.

Collecting Souvenirs for Wicked

What do fans like to collect for this show? Just about everything. After spending 2 1/2 hours watching that amazing variation on Oz that is Wicked the musical, who wants to stop? We can linger longer if we have the cast album, and photos from the souvenirs books. The merchandise company has offered a wide range of clothes and other products to satisfy the craving to remember it by.

The items under the "Souvenir" section of the Wicked shop range in price from the $8.00 key chain and lapel pin, to expensive Wicked-themed snow globes. Stay dry with the logo umbrella . All items provide fans with a memento of their experience with this delightful show.

Why do we come to care so much about the green girl Elphaba and her friendship with Glinda? We all have moments when we feel like we're the odd one in some circumstance (Elphaba is the only green girl in Oz). And when Glinda stops shunning her and befriends her instead, a part of us feels accepted. When Elphaba changes her direction, we feel empowered to "Defy Gravity" in our own lives.

For those who want to get reinspired by Wicked's messages, the best sources are the books Defying Gravity and the Grimmerie. The Grimmerie includes all the lyrics and part of the script. Defying Gravity takes readers into the creative thinking and experimenting of the show's creative team that included Stephen Schwartz (music and lyrics) and Winnie Holzman (script), as well as producer Marc Platt. The behind-the-scenes stories in this book are best for clarifying what the writers meant to say in the show. Find out more in the books. Wicked Grimmerie and Defying Gravity

More Wicked products for fans

Wicked CD and Karaoke- includes the Friendship song "For Good," "The Wizard and I," "Popular" and others.


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