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Pippin the Musical

with Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz

Pippin at A.R.T.Check this page for all your Pippin-related resources: Albums, DVD, sheet music, books on Pippin, history, photos, licensing information, and more.

Licensing for Local Productions:

The 2013 Broadway revival version is now the show that's being used for licensing through Music Theatre International. See the MTI Pippin page for details.

Essential PIPPIN reading

Defying Gravity Stephen Schwartz biographyDefying Gravity updated second edition covers Schwartz's views on Pippin and show history. Defying Gravity - Stephen Schwartz biography by Carol de Giere

Learn about the many years of development for the show, Schwartz's experience working with Bob Fosse and Roger O. Hirson, the try-out in Washington, DC, details on the songs, and more. The new edition also includes details about the Broadway revival.

Pippin RecordingsCompact Disk icon

Cast Album - New Broadway Cast

Pippin New Broadway Cast albumPippin / New Broadway Cast Recording (link opens new browser window to Amazon.com) This new album features the amazing cast of the current Broadway revival and will include pieces left off the original album. (The original Pippin album didn't include some of the shorter pieces like the one that Catherine sings "There he was..." Back in the vinyl album days, there were many more limitations than there are with digital.)

You'll hear outstanding vocal performances by Matthew James Thomas, Patina Miller, Andrea Martin, Terrence Mann, Charlotte d'Amboise, Erik Altemus, Andrew Cekala, Rachel Bay Jones, and others on this Broadway Revival cast album. Ghostlight Records.

Track List: 1. Magic To Do, 2. Corner Of The Sky, 3. War Is A Science, 4. Glory, 5. Simple Joys, 6. No Time At All, 7. With You, 8. Spread A Little Sunshine, 9. Morning Glow, 10. Entr'acte, 11. On The Right Track, 12. Kind Of Woman, 13. Extraordinary, 14. Love Song, 15. I Guess I'll Miss The Man, 16. Finale
"SING ALONG WITH THE PIPPIN ORCHESTRA" BONUS TRACKS 17. Corner Of The Sky, 18. Simple Joys, 19. Kind Of Woman, 20. Extraordinary

Pippin Original Cast Album
cover art for Pippin CD - pinkOriginal Broadway Cast Recording, UNI/Motown, 1972 REMASTERED in 2000! Listen to Pippin - CD and MP3 Files - (1972 Original Broadway Cast) [new browser window]
  • Includes: Magic To Do, Corner of the Sky, War is a Science, Glory, Simple Joys, No Time At All, With You, Spread a Little Sunshine, Morning Glow, On the Right Track, Kind of Woman, Extraordinary, Love Song, I Guess I'll Miss the Man, Finale
  • BONUS TRACKS on this recording: I Guess I'll Miss the Man -- The Supremes, Corner of the Sky -- The Jackson 5, Morning Glow -- Michael Jackson

Pippin Karaoke for performers

The new cast album includes accompaniment for "Corner of the Sky," Simple Joys, 19. Kind Of Woman, 20. Extraordinary. See top of page for link.

Broadway Box Karaoke - Includes "Corner of the Sky"
The Broadway Box- 80 Songs From 51 Shows [new browser window] Here's a 5-CDG box set that contains 80 classic songs. Includes songs from Pippin and Godspell - 51 top shows in all. Great gift item.

Pippin Karaoke Backing Tracks Recording: Pippin Karaoke The price is lower on this one and it includes both vocal track and instrumental, so you can practice with the vocal first. Note, though, that the orchestration is less like the original cast album than the Pocket Songs version

Broadway Revival, tour, and new orchestrations

See Broadway Revival page

Pippin DVD and related DVDs

Pippin video cover showing William Katt and Ben Vereen

Pippin on DVD [new browser window] The Pippin DVD features Ben Vereen as Leading Player, William Katt as Pippin, and Chita Rivera as Fastrada. It includes a short clip of Bob Fosse interview.

Note that the DVD version does not provide the same feel as the original Broadway production, but it does show much of Fosse's choreography. William Katt plays-sings-and-dances barefoot in the title role for this musical that explores a young man's quest for self and meaning. The DVD shows similar sets and costumes as the original, and the opening number, "Magic to Do," reveals the exciting white gloves - light curtain effect that dazzled Broadway audiences.

You'll hear "Corner of the Sky," the romping "No Time at All" (by Martha Raye as Pippin's grandmother), and more.

Fosse video and DVD includes very little of Pippin but presents Bob Fosse's choreography and includes some interesting interviews. DVD: Fosse [new browser window]

Pippin Sheet Music

Visit our complete music page at PIPPIN Sheet Music, Songbook, Pippin Score....

More Books on Pippin


Sam Wasson's book Fosse has a very small amount on Pippin. In the index look up Stephen Schwartz.

Present at the Creation (of Pippin...)

Pippin's Broadway producer Stuart Ostrow mentions Schwartz, Fosse, and Pippin in his new book Present at the Creation, Leaping in the Dark and Going Against the Grain: Present at the Creation, Leaping in the Dark, and Going Against the Grain : 1776, Pippin, M. Butterfly, La Bete, and Other Broadway Adventures He believed that Schwartz's pop/rock sound was the new voice he was looking for to bring Broadway up to date.

From Assassins to West Side Story

See Scott Miller's book From Assassins to West Side Story: The Director's Guide to Musical Theatre for a complete chapter on Pippin and offers some advise for directors. Buy From Assassins to West Side Story. [new browser window]

All His Jazz

Check the index of this Martin Gottfried's book on Fosse for Stephen Schwartz (and for Carole Schwartz). There's a few interesting tidbits. Gottfried presents a comprehensive look at Bob Fosse as a director, choreographer, and person. Buy All His Jazz: The Life and Death of Bob Fosse. [new browser window]


Bob Fosse's Broadway includes some Pippin information. Buy Bob Fosse's Broadway. [new browser window]

The Fosse book Razzle Dazzle: The Life and Works of Bob... (opens new browser window to Amazon.com [new browser window]includes Pippin material, and is particularly strong on the dance aspect.

Michael Shurtleff's Audition: Everything an Actor Needs to...[new browser window] also has insights on the formation of the show.

Peter Filichia's Broadway Musicals: The Biggest Hit and the Biggest Flop of the Season - 1959 to 2009 includes Pippin as the 1972-1973 biggest hit.

About Pippin

Pippin has a book by Roger O. Hirson and songs by Stephen Schwartz. It is based on the story of a historical man, Pippin, who was the son of emperor Charlemagne in the 8th century. Pippin the musical opened 10/23/1972 on Broadway and ran for 1944 performances. It continues to be performed around the world, licensed by Music Theatre International.

The Leading Player tells us the tongue-in-cheek story of Pippin, son of the 8th-Century King Charlemagne, who is on a quest to find his true calling in life. He goes through war, love, politics and other pursuits before settling down with Catherine and her son.... More than with most shows in which the characters carefully stay confined to the stage, Pippin invites the audience into its world and the characters frequently “break the 4th wall” and talk to the audience.

Stephen Schwartz co-wrote an early version of the show in college in 1967 (then called Pippin, Pippin). By the time he approached Broadway producer Stuart Ostrow with the script and score, all of the original songs and scenes had been completely replaced with new material.

Pippin Song List for Stage Production

  • Magic To Do -- Leading Player, Company
  • Corner of the Sky -- Pippin
  • Welcome Home -- Charles, Pippin
  • War is a Science -- Charles, Pippin, Company
  • Glory -- Leading Player, Company
  • Simple Joys -- Leading Player
  • No Time at All -- Berthe, Company
  • With You -- Pippin
  • Spread a Little Sunshine -- Fastrada
  • Morning Glow -- Pippin, Leading Player, Company
  • On the Right Track -- Pippin, Leading Player
  • There He Was -- Catherine
  • Kind Of Woman -- Catherine
  • Extraordinary -- Pippin
  • Prayer For a Duck -- Pippin
  • Love Song -- Pippin, Catherine
  • I Guess I'll Miss the Man -- Catherine
  • Finale -- Company

Casting - Pippin vocal ranges

Pippin role requirements as listed on the Music Theatre International site:

Leading Player, dynamic, magnetic (male or female); baritone
Pippin, earnest, attractive, misguided; baritone [often played by a tenor]
Fastrada, Pippin's conniving step-mother, mezzo
Catherine, an attractive, sharp woman, mezzo
King Charlemagne, military, imposing; bass
Pippin's saucy Grandmother; mezzo
Lewis, Pippin's foppish stepbrother
Catherine's 8-year-old Son

Resources for your production

In addition to the resouces that MTI provides, consider buying the Stephen Schwartz biography and showing it to the cast members for research on Pippin. The essential book Defying Gravity: The Creative Career of Stephen Schwartz, from Godspell to Wicked includes details on the development of songs like "Magic to Do," "Corner of the Sky," "Morning Glow," "On the Right Track," "Kind of Woman," and "Love Song." It also includes Schwartz's comments about the show's meaning as presented in the finale. And in the Extras section chapter "Updates and New Projects" you'll find an explanation of how the new Pippin "Theo ending" came to be.

The new Theo Ending

The currently licensed version includes the new "Theo" ending. For info about the ending see Stephen's discussion forum archives. Look in the Pippin section under Notes for Directors. You will find questions and answers regarding whether there are any options, about adding a verse, about casting, and so on. Schwartz archives - look for Pippin section

Pippin Songs Recorded by Various Artists

"Magic to Do"

"Corner of the Sky"

"Morning Glow"

  • Michael Jackson - Best of Michael Jackson (Motown, 1981)
  • Ethan Freeman - With You - (TER, 1997)

"I Guess I'll Miss the Man"

  • The Supremes - rerecorded on the Pippin soundtrack as a special track - (Decca Broadway, 2000)

"No Time At All"

"Love Song"

  • Dame Kiri Te Kanawa with Malcom McNeil - Heart to Heart - (EMI Angel, 1991)

"Marking Time" (Cut from the musical)

  • John Barr - a top British singer includes a swinging version of this song on his CD In Whatever Time We Have
  • Michael Rupert - Lost in Boston IV - (Varese Sarabande, 1997) Lost in Boston, Vol. 4 [new browser window] This is the ONLY recording of this song that was replaced by "Extraordinary"

"With You"

Pippin acquired for film

April 2013: According to Deadline.com, the Weinstein Company has asked James Ponsoldt, the writer-director of The Spectacular Now and Smashed to write the screenplay for movie adaptation Pippin.

June 2003. The Stephen Schwartz musical Pippin, originally directed on Broadway by Bob Fosse, attracted the attention of Chicago's film studio. For updates on Stephen Schwartz's projects and general musical news, subscribe to the free email newsletter The Schwartz Scene

For interviews and articles about Stephen Schwartz, Pippin's composer see: Stephen Schwartz page

Pippin Reviews and Features: INCLUDES:

  • "Pippin's Score has Magic To Do" by Shawn McCarthy for the 30 year anniversay; and
  • "Memories of Pippin" by John V.J. Gillespie - about the original Broadway production

See story behind "Corner of the Sky" on the "Corner of the Sky" page

Pippin Lyrics

Lyrics | Special "Corner of the Sky" page | Special Extraordinary page

Links to Relevant Websites,


Go to the MTI Showspace for an online community with a Pippin section. http://www.mtishowspace.com/

http://www.fosse.com has a forum where Pippin is sometimes discussed and includes a long article on Pippin under "features."

Show Schedule for Pippin Productions in North America

Want to see a production of Pippin near you? Try this list: Go to the licensing agency site MTIShows.com Pippin page and look for the blue tab that says "Upcoming." Click there to find dozens of productions.

Pippin Original Broadway Cast Credits



Music and Lyrics by STEPHEN SCHWARTZ

Directed and Choreographed by BOB FOSSE

Scenery Design by TONY WALTON
Lighting by JULES FISHER
Sound Design by ABE JACOB

Musical Direction by STANLEY LEBOWSKY
Orchestrations by RALPH BURNS
Dance Arrangements by JOHN BERKMAN

Leading Player.........BEN VEREEN
Pippin.........JOHN RUBINSTEIN
Charles.........ERIC BERRY
Fastrada.........LELAND PALMER
Musician.........JOHN MINEO
The Head.........ROGER HAMILTON
Berthe.........IRENE RYAN
Peasant.........PAUL SOLEN
Noble.........GENE FOOTE
Field Marshal.........ROGER HAMILTON
Catherine.........JILL CLAYBURGH