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Carol de Giere for MusicalSchwartz.com MusicalSchwartz.com covers musicals with Stephen Schwartz scores and/or lyrics.

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Basic Sections in this site. Each link goes to a heading at the start of a list of links to all pages in that section.

  1. Home Section - home page, about this site, contact information, copyright
  2. Wicked the musical, now playing on Broadway
  3. News and events
  4. Stephen Schwartz's Stage Musicals (other than Wicked)
  5. Stephen Schwartz's Movie and TV Musicals
  6. Recordings by Stephen Schwartz and other artists
  7. Other - Stephen Schwartz related information (everything else not in the other categories)
  8. About Stephen Schwartz (and also Scott Schwartz, Stephen's stage director son)

A. Home Page and Site Information

  1. MusicalSchwartz.com Home Page Includes a list of this site's most frequently updated pages, Schwartz bio, and info on how to submit a question or comment
  2. Contact Information AND PRIVACY POLICY
  3. Site Map - You are on the Site map page.
  4. Copyright

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B. Wicked the musical, now playing on Broadway



  1. Wicked on Broadway in New York City
  2. Wicked International - London, Germany, Japan, Australia


Wicked Broadway Cast


Wicked SHOP - T-shirts, mugs, poster, CD, sheet music, etc

Wicked Music

Wicked Sheet Music - Piano Vocal Songbook | Vocal Selections Songbook | Choral music

Wicked Karaoke

Wicked The GrimmerieLibretto, photos, etc.


  1. Wicked history
  2. Wicked Costumes by Susan Hilferty
  3. Wicked and Hairspray feature article about "What is This Feeling"
  4. Wicked musical themes 
  5. Wicked - Orchestrations and Special Sounds - feature article
  6. Wicked Lyrics and Song Stories
  7. Wicked Lyrics Popular "Popular"
  8. Wicked Lyrics 2 "Defying Gravity"
  9. Wicked Lyrics 3 "What is This Feeling"
  10. Wicked Lyrics 4 "As Long As You're Mine"
  11. Wicked Lyrics 5 "Dancing Through Life"
  12. Wicked Lyrics 6 "I'm Not That Girl"
  13. Wicked Lyrics 7 "Thank Goodness"
  14. Wicked Lyrics Wonderful and Sentimental Man
  15. Wicked lyrics 8 "No One Mourns the Wicked"; "Dear Old Shiz"; "The Wizard and I"
  16. Wicked lyrics 9 "One Short Day"
  17. Wicked lyrics 10 "No Good Deed"
  18. Wicked's Animals and lyrics for "Something Bad" - About Dr. Dillamond and Gregory Maguire's plot about the Animals.
  19. Wicked Songs and story synopsis
  20. Wicked Score
  21. Wicked Characters
  22. Wicked, Music Director Stephen Oremus - and feature article  
  23. Wicked Reviews
  24. Wicked, San Francisco Tryout (2003) and return (2009-2010)
  25. Gregory Maquire (author of the novel Wicked) page 1 
  26. Gregory Maquire - About Wicked music - page 2
  27. Gregory Maguire - Wicked Sequel: Son of a Witch
  28. Wicked Study Guide
  29. Wicked for Kids

People Pages for Wicked

  1. Stephen Schwartz
  2. Winnie Holzman
  3. Idina Menzel (Original Elphaba in Wicked)
  4. Kristin Chenowith (the first Glinda)

C. News and Events

  1. News and Events (current news about Stephen Schwartz and his music and musicals)
  2. The SchwartzScene Newsletter
  3. ASCAP Musical Theater Workshops

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D. Stage Musicals (other than Wicked)

Captain Louie

  1. Captain Louie (Family musical)
  2. Captain Louie CD
  3. Captain Louie Cast
  4. Captain Louie photos and review highlights

Children of Eden

  1. Children of Eden
  2. Children of Eden Synopsis (Plot Summary), Songs, Characters, Vocal ranges
  3. Children of Eden - some lyrics and article
  4. Children of Eden, Canadian Production
  5. Children of Eden, Noah
  6. Children of Eden, Seacoast Production
  7. Children of Eden, Stage by Stage Production


  1. Godspell
  2. Godspell Album Montage
  3. Godspell Art
  4. Godspell, Beautiful City
  5. Godspell Broadway revival
  6. Godspell Broadway cast album
  7. Godspell, Cast Photos
  8. Godspell original cast
  9. Godspell, Notes from Directors
  10. Godspell Productions
  11. Godspell Recordings
  12. Godspell Recordings 2
  13. Godspell Songs
  14. Godspell Study Guide Ansers
  15. Godspell, Tebelak
  16. Godspell Junior
  17. Godspell "All Good Gifts"

The Magic Show

  1. The Magic Show
  2. The Magic Show lyrics - Lion Tamer


  1. Pippin
  2. Pippin Revival on Broadway
  3. Pippin Sheet Music and Songbook
  4. Pippin lyrics
  5. Pippin - "Corner of the Sky"
  6. Pippin Reviews
  7. Pippin Trivia Contest


  1. Rags the Musical
  2. Rags interview notes


1. Schikaneder the musical about Schikaneder

The Baker's Wife

  1. The Baker's Wife
  2. The Baker's Wife, background information on the making of this musical
  3. The Baker's Wife - Synopsis and photos from the Paper Mill production
  4. The Baker's Wife - "Chanson" - lyrics, sheet music, CDs, history
  5. Meadowlark


  1. Working- all about the show
  2. Working - Cross Reference between the musical Working and the Studs Terkel book Working
  3. Working, Review Original Cast CD - with article by Bruce Kimmel
  4. Working, Review with Photos
  5. Working, Review

My Fairy Tale

1. My Fairy Tale

My Son Pinocchio

Disney's My Son Pinocchio

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney Stage Version)

  1. Hunchback of Notre Dame Disney Stage Version
  2. The Hunchback of Notre Dame - review of German cast album
  3. "Someday" lyrics

The Prince of Egypt Stage Production

see movie page

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E. Movie and TV Musicals

Disney Movies

  1. Disney Movies Includes Geppetto


1. Disney's Enchanted with lyrics by Schwartz

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney)

  1. Hunchback of Notre Dame
  2. "God Help the Outcast" lyrics

Pocahontas (Disney)

  1. Pocahontas

Dreamworks Movies

The Prince of Egypt (Dreamworks)

  1. The Prince of Egypt and "When You Believe"
  2. "Through Heaven's Eyes" lyrics
Mumbai Musical

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G.Other (Everything Else)

  1. Everything Else (that doesn't fit into the other categories)
  2. Personals, Thiruvasakam, True Home
  3. Bernstein Mass (lyrics by Schwartz)
  4. Snapshots
  5. Schikaneder
  6. Magic To Do Cruise show and album

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H. About Stephen Schwartz and Scott Schwartz

  1. Stephen Schwartz - Includes bio, list of musicals, interview links, current photo, etc.
  2. Stephen Schwartz's career article page 1
  3. Stephen Schwartz Sheet music
  4. Awards
  5. Schwartz musical influences
  6. Songs Cut from Stephen Schwartz Musicals
  7. Scott Schwartz - Includes feature article: Godspell's Generations: Can Scott Schwartz Update Dad's Show?
  8. Michael Cole - Stephen's Assistant - Includes Michael's stories about Wicked readings.

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