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Godspell photos

Every Godspell production is unique. Directors are encouraged to make the staging their own and cast members always seem to have fun with it. If you have Godspell photos to share, let me know!

Godspell for the Inner Child

The director for the Spring 2000 production at Theatre III, gave a special spin on the show, as you will see below.

godspell prologue photod11

Prologue photo

cast around wood chestd2players surround Jesus on swingsetd3woman hugs teddy beard4

Note the swingset, toy bear, and toychest

player sits on swingd5woman stands on top of wood chestd6

Here is the comment about the show from the producer, Pamela Furnace: "The swingset concept was that of our director, Jennifer Webb. The cast started the show dressed as adults, in trenchcoats, for Babble, then "discovered" the swingset and let their inner children out to explore and develop the community of the show. Rather than using clown makeup, they each had a toy that Stephen/Jesus gave them from a big trunk. Each actor brought in a toy that had special meaning for them and they explored that in character development and incorporated play with that toy into the action of the show.

on darkened stage players sit at Jesus' feetd7

At the end, they each returned the toy to Stephen as they said goodbye during On the Willows. It was very moving for cast and audience alike."

Stage director Jenn Webb, Musical director Ed McCarron, Producer, Pam Furnace. Photos used with permission. They are copyrighted property of Theatre III. Photographer: Rich Grossman, sound man extraordinaire and one of their superb technical staff and web master. Theatre III, 250 Central Street, West Action, MA 01720, 978 - 263 - 9070.