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Wicked for Kids?

Tips for parents

Find answers here for questions: Is Wicked for Children? Is there Foul language or violence in Wicked? AND find topics for discussion with your children

Should You Bring Children to Wicked?

Wicked is suitable for children ages eight and older. NOTE Children age four and under are not admitted in the show. I've received email messages about some children who were afraid of the the winged dragon, flying monkey, the OZ head, and the OZ head's voice. WICKED TICKETS: NYC - Broadway

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The best thing is have kids hear the cast album first:

WickedWicked Original Broadway Cast album: Wicked musical - Amazon.com or the bonus album Wicked: 5th Anniversary Special Edition

Note from Susan A of Texas who brought her daughters to the show: My 6 yr old was not at all scared of the show or effects. She was very familiar with all the music and with the story (both girls have been completely obsessed with the show for quite some time). My advice to parents taking a younger child to a show like Wicked, or any musical for that matter, is to get the music ahead of time and listen to it with them. So much of the story in musicals is told through the lyrics, and I've found that when my girls know the music ahead of time and at least have a general idea of the story line, they enjoy the show much more.

Another view from A.B. of Reno Nevada

I just wanted to give my input regarding the question "Is 'Wicked' appropriate for children?". My son who will turn 5 at the end of October just loved the show. He had listened to the CD with me in the car and while I cleaned the house and just got hooked to listening to the music. I don't think it should be said that 'Wicked' isn't appropriate for children under the age of 8, it really depends on the child and what they are exposed to. It was the most incredible sight seeing my son dressed to the nines (his idea) and he was the perfect escort for me and my two sisters. I had read that the dragon, flying monkeys and when the wizards head makes an appearance that small children would get scared. This was his first Broadway show and a memorable experience that he'll keep forever. I am so thrilled that I was able to share this experience with him and to know that he will love the theater as much as his mom.

Language and Violence in Wicked

Question: Is there foul language or violence in WICKED the musical?

Answer: No - There is no profanity. The language is clean and often playful. read more: Wicked Grimmerie and notes about language

Question: Is there any overt sexual display in Wicked the musical?

Answer: The musical is very different from the novel. The love song is pretty tame as far as sexuality goes. See Wicked lyrics- "As Long As You're Mine"

Question: Is there violence in Wicked?

Answer: As for violence, there's a few brief scuffles but they are tame compared with many movies and TV shows. Also, they are in the spirit of the Oz fantasy world - so not realistic

Comments from Carol de Giere:

I'm often asked: Is Wicked appropriate for children? Wicked is not a children's show, as in for pre-school kids. Young people about the age of 10 and older are going wild for it. The applause has been tremendous during matinee crowds with large numbers of school or youth groups in the audiences. There's discrimination issues, love triangles, fascinating set pieces and costumes, powerfully belted songs, tender songs, characters who are transformed through time, and a storyline plotted like a mystery novel. No foul language and only playful violence.

For Kids to Ponder about Wicked


Younger Children:

Imagine being green. Who else is green? What about Kermit?... Notice in the first song for Wicked what phrase Mr. Schwartz uses to describe the green baby. "...like a froggy ferny cabbage..." Does Elphaba feel left out because she is green? Who makes friends with her?

Older Children:

Read about how Idina Menzel became green - green make up. Article posted on wickedthemusical.com Green make up

Here's some words that Winnie Holzman, and Stephen Schwartz used for Elphaba's greenness.

phosphorescent [link to def. at dictionary.com],

verdigris - [link to def. at dictionary.com].

Being green is one reason Elphaba feels odd. Does she learn to like her unique color, personality, and interests?


Wicked is also about friendship. Early in the show, there's a song about Glinda and Elphaba loathing each other. Read the story behind "What is This Feeling". The girls become friends as expressed in "Popular," when Glinda tries to give her new green roommate a makeover. In the middle of the show they part ways and even fight. But at the end they sing "For Good" together. Their relationship evolves through time.

Here's what Schwartz says about "For Good": The song "For Good" was, of course, written for the show to try to express the leading characters' feelings as they are seeing each other for the last time. The title came out of a brainstorming conversation I had with Winnie Holzman (the book writer) -- basically at one point she said it should be about how the two of them had changed each other "for good", at which point, hearing the amazing possibilities in that phrase, I knew I had found the title for the song. To get some of the content, I had a long conversation with my daughter, in which I asked her what she would say to her best friend (someone she has known pretty much all her life), if she knew she was never going to see her again. A lot of what Jessie said got transformed into the first verse of the song. Other than that, it was simply trying to put myself into the hearts and minds of the characters and see what they said. For Good lyrics from the script

For Teens and older kids who love musicals like Wicked

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