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Magic Shows and Miracles

Tony Gonzalez's Godspell Poster - description in page textThis was a movie poster for "Godspell" that I had created in 1981, as a teenager inspired by the music and the original soundtrack album. In retrospect, I found it interesting that I focused on the transformation of the John/Judas character, with a jubilant John on Jesus' right side, and a sad Judas on the other. And of course, the "Beautiful City" in the arc (pasted in from a brochure!).poster description


by Tony Gonzalez

Sometime during my twelfth year, I was taken to my first-ever Broadway show. Not knowing exactly what to expect, I was still very excited to be taken to a theatre where the magic would happen live on stage. Not on a movie screen. Not on a tv screen. But "right before my very eyes"! As the house lights dimmed, and the wonder of THE MAGIC SHOW began, I was captivated. For aside from watching a someone get sawed in half, and a real lion disappear from a cage, there was wonderful music to be heard. The music and lyrics of Stephen Schwartz.

I had of course heard of GODSPELL and PIPPIN by then. I remember hearing DAY BY DAY on the radio, wondering how it would be possible to tell the story of Jesus through music, as Schwartz had done. When my high school decided to put on a production of GODSPELL in May of 1980, I was drawn to it. Having known it was written by the same person who wrote THE MAGIC SHOW, I was spellbound, and proceeded to see it again the following night. It wasn't long before I bought all of the album versions I could find. And I would try to learn all the songs. But it also touched me on a personal level.

Thanks to GODSPELL, I was able to renew my faith in religion, something important to rediscover in your teens. I began attending religious services regularly again, and soon after, I dug up my old guitar and learned to play the songs. I am proud to say that twenty years later, I still play guitar for my local folk mass every Sunday. All of this thanks to the wonderful inspirational songs written by Mr. Schwartz. In my late teens, I discovered PIPPIN, and found a character who echoed a lot of my own angst-filled sentiments. Where was my "Corner of the Sky?", I wondered. I too, thought I was "Extra-ordinary". How come nobody knew it but me?. I must have listened to PIPPIN as many times as my contemporaries must have listened to THE WALL. PIPPIN for me, was more meaningful.

I have seen many productions of both GODSPELL and PIPPIN, and have never tired of either. Because of the captivating music, and the interpretations it inspires, I never tire of it.

Here's to the man who has inspired many of us in very many ways. Those of us who are searching for our own corners of the sky; Who dream of painting with all the colors of the wind; day by day; who aren't strangers to the rain; who are working fathers and sons; who dream of the world that's out there, knowing that there can be miracles if we believe. Indeed, who crave magic shows and miracles.

Tony Gonzalez
New York

This page includes original text and artwork used with permission. Copyright March 2000 by Tony Gonzalez.