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The Stephen Schwartz Songbook

292 pages of music and lyrics for 41 great songs - As Stephen plays them

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The Stephen Schwartz Songbook is the best source of sheet music for "Beautiful City," "Lion Tamer," "West End Avenue," "Meadowlark," "Forgiveness' Embrace," and other Schwartz favorites.

Song list details

The songs appear in more or less chronological order. They originally appeared in the following shows, movies, or albums:

  • Butterflies Are Free (1969)
  • Godspell (1971), including "Beautiful City," originally from the film, but now often included in this rewritten form in productions of the show, also: "All Good Gifts," "Day by Day"
  • Pippin (1972), including a revised lyric for "Extraordinary," "Corner of the Sky," "Love Song," Morning Glow," "No Time at All," "With You"
  • The Magic Show (1974), "Lion Tamer," "West End Avenue"
  • The Baker's Wife (1976), including a revised lyric for "Chanson," Gifts of Love," "Meadowlark," "Proud Lady," "Where is the Warmth."
  • Working (1978), including a revised lyric for "It's an Art," "Fathers and Sons"
  • "Manchild Lullaby" (1980), recorded by Jane Olivor on the album, The Best Side of Goodbye
  • Rags (1985), "Blame it on the Summer Night"
  • Children of Eden (1991), "The Hardest Part of Love," "In Whatever Time We Have," "Lost in the Wilderness," "The Spark of Creation," "Stranger to the Rain"
  • "Cold Enough to Snow" from the film Life With Mikey (1993)
  • Pocahontas (1995), "Colors of the Wind," "If I Never Knew You"
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996), "Out There"
  • Reluctant Pilgrim, CD of original songs (1997), "Code of Silence," "Crowded Island" "Dreamscape," "Life Goes On," "More than This," "Prestidigitation," "So Far"
  • The Prince of Egypt (1998), "Through Heaven's Eyes," "When You Believe"
  • "Forgiveness' Embrace," written for Cass Morgan's show True Home (1999)
  • Geppetto (2000) "Since I Gave My Heart Away"

What Stephen Says:

This collection of forty-one songs represents my first thirty years as a professional songwriter, from my first song for a Broadway show, the title song from the play Butterflies Are Free, written in 1969, to a song from the original television musical Geppetto, which aired in 2000.

I have tried to include the majority of my most often performed songs as well as many frequently requested songs that do not appear in any other published folio. I have rewritten many of the accompaniments of previously published songs to reflect more accurately the way I actually play them on the piano, and a few of the songs contain lyrics that have been revised (and I think improved) since their original publication.

I have tried to tailor the songs with a solo singer in mind; accordingly, songs that were originally duets or choral numbers are arranged for a soloist, and longer instrumental breaks have been shortened.

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