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"Toys" from Geppetto / Disney's My Son Pinocchio (formerly Geppetto and Son)

Music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz

Toys - Geppetto and Son

"Toys" in Geppetto's workshop during Disney's My Son, Pinocchio (Then called "Geppetto and Son") at the Coterie Theatre in Kansas City, directed by Jeff Church. Photo by Mark Coffey/Coterie Theatre

Geppetto Lyrics

TOYS From Geppetto - Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz


I see a model train that blows real smoke!
I see a rocking horse with big brown eyes!
And over where the clock is
A hundred music boxes
Look! A flying fish that really flies.
There's toys of every shape and size!
I don't know how much longer I can wait
Please turn your sign to "open" dear Geppetto
All spring I kept an eye out
Now I can't wait to try out
Each new top and boat and block and Marionette, Oh…

I see a room that is full of
I see a shop that is bursting with
Things you can pummel and pull
I see toys you jiggle toys you juggle
Toys you hold at night and snuggle
Boys, or girls, whichever the case
Need toys to put a smile on their face
Before they lose their pieces
Or their wheels or their shine
Give me toys
I love toys
Especially when they're mine!

I want the castle with the working moat!
I want those marching soldiers and to haul them,
This little wooden wagon
Buy me that scary dragon!
Climbing monkeys, dancing donkeys
Look at all them…
I'm in a room that is full of
I'm in a shop that is bursting with
With things to pummel and pull
I see toys you wiggle
Toys you wind up
How'll I ever make my mind up?


No, dear, that's much too fragile
No, dear, that's too expensive
No, dear, that makes too much noise.
(remember Mommy's head-aches!)
No, dear, you'll only break that
No, dear your Dad could make that
You already have so many toys!
Don't be greedy!
Please, dear, don't start that sniv'ling
Please, dear, don't throw a tantrum
You know Mommy hates it when you whine
(It's so ugly!)
Just say "Goodbye" and "Thank you"
Don't make me have to spank you
Don't make me sorry that you're minek

(Round – parents/children)


Why is it the people who shouldn't have children have children?
Why is it the people who don't know how lucky they are who are blessed?
Why is the the ones who see children as bothers
Are the ones who get to be fathers?
When someone like me
Clearly would be the best?
There must be a slip-up in heaven's workshop
Or a wrinkle in nature's design
That I spend my days
With the children of the people who shouldn't have children
And none of them are mine
None of them will ever be mine


Look! Look!!! That wirl-a-gig with the thing-a-ma-jig
Is a toy I never had!
What is it?
I don't know, but I want it really bad!

(final round – parents/children/Geppetto sing their own verses simultaneously)

imageHear "Toys" on the soundtrack for Geppetto (2000 TV Soundtrack)