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The Baker's Wife. | Children of Eden. . Geppetto. | Godspell. | The Hunchback of Notre Dame. | The Magic Show. | Mass.| Pippin. | Pocahontas. | The Prince of Egypt. | Rags. | Seance on a Wet Afternoon. | Wicked. | Working. | Everything Else--Individual Songs.

imageDon't miss the Stephen Schwartz album featuring Laura Benanti, Kristin Chenoweth, Brian d'Arcy James, Jason Daniely, Susan Egan, Dorothy Loudon, Luba Mason, Marin Mazzie, Ann Marie Milazzo, Christiane Noll, Michelle Pawk, Sara Ramirez, Stephen Schwartz, Emily Skinner, Jennifer Leigh Warren

Stephen Schwartz Album

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The Baker's Wife



"Gifts of Love"

  • Alix Korey - Gifts of Love - (1997 - AD CD020)

"Proud Lady"

"Where is the Warmth"

"With You (Pippin)/Gifts of Love (The Baker's Wife)"

Children of Eden - London

"World Without You"

Children of Eden - US

"Hardest Part of Love"

"In Whatever Time We Have"

"Spark of Creation"

"Stranger to the Rain"


"Since I Gave My Heart Away"


"Beautiful City"

"Day by Day"

"Light of the World"

"Save the People"

  • David Essex - Showstoppers - (Music Special Deluxe, 1996)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

"God Help the Outcasts"

  • Steve Amerson - Front Row Center - (AMMC0107)
  • Debbie Gravitte - The Alan Menken Album - (Varese Sarabande, 1994)
    Alan Menken Album [new browser window]
  • Cynthia Clawson - Broken - (Civic Records Group, (CVC1-0006-2)

"Out There"

  • Steve Amerson - Front Row Center - (AMMC0107) Jason Daniely -
    The Stephen Schwartz Album
    - (Varese Sarabande, 1999)
  • Tony Jay and Tom Hulce - Classic Disney, Volume 3 - (Walt Disney Records, 1996)


The Magic Show

"Lion Tamer"

  • Kristin Chenowith -
    The Stephen Schwartz Album - (Varese Sarabande, 1999)
  • Bill McKinley - Everything Possible (1992, No label listed)

"Two's Company"

"Solid Silver Platform Shoes"

"West End Avenue"

Bernstein's Mass

"Simple Song"


"Corner of the Sky"

  • Ben Vereen - the original Leading Player sings "Corner of the Sky" on his new album Steppin' Out Live BUY or hear clips: Steppin' Out Live -- mp3 or CD at Amazon.com
  • John Barr - In Whatever Time We Have - (Dress Circle, 1998). See John's page here for ordering information an an interview: John Barr
  • Catherine Donavon - Show Tunes, Blues Tunes (LVE 101)
  • David Essex - Showstoppers - (Music Special Deluxe, 1996)
  • David Essex - Centre Stage - (1987, K-Tel)
  • Guy Haines - The Stephen Schwartz Album - (Varese Sarabande, 1999)
  • Jackson 5 - Anthology - (Decca Broadway, 2000)
  • Lee Lessack - An Enchanted Evening (LML Music, 1997)
    I Know You By Heart [new browser window]
  • Enda Markey - Another Place and Time (EMC301)
  • Ann Marie Moss - Two for the Road - (Stash, 1993)

"Morning Glow"

  • Michael Jackson - Best of Michael Jackson (Motown, 1981)
  • Ethan Freeman - With You - (TER, 1997)

"I Guess I'll Miss the Man"

  • The Supremes - rerecorded on the Pippin soundtrack as a special track - (Decca Broadway, 2000)

"No Time At All"

"Love Song"

  • John Rubenstein and Jill Clayburgh (Universal, 2003) Love Song [new browser window] - (an album with a variety of Broadway classics)
  • Dame Kiri Te Kanawa with Malcom McNeil - Heart to Heart - (EMI Angel, 1991)

"Marking Time" (Cut from the musical)

"With You"


"Colors of the Wind"

Crawford cover

"If I Never Knew You"

  • John Barr - In Whatever Time We Have - (Dress Circle, 1998)
  • Michael Crawford - The Disney Album - (UNI/Disney, 2001)
    Michael Crawford's The Disney Album. [new browser window]
  • Hal Ketchum and Shelby Lynne - The Best of Country Sings the Best of Disney (Walt Disney Records, 1996)
  • Jon Secada and Shanice - Disney's Greatest Pop Hits - (Walt Disney Records, 1998)
  • Angela DeCicco and Bill Whitefield - Our Heart Sings (Jerome Records, 2000)

"Just Around the Riverbend"

  • Christiane Noll -
    The Stephen Schwartz Album - (Varese Sarabande, 1999)
  • Michelle Nicastro - Tuneful, Too - (Varese Sarabande, 1995)

"Mine, Mine, Mine"

  • David Ogden Shiers and Mel Gibson - Classic Disney, Volume 3 - (Walt Disney Records, 1996)

The Prince of Egypt

"When You Believe"

  • Alison Jiear - Forgiveness' Embrace
  • Ann Marie Milazzo - The Stephen Schwartz Album - (Varese Sarabande, 1999)
  • Whitney Houston - My Love is Your Love - (Arista, 1998) (Babyface adaptation)
  • The Countdown Singers - Sweet Love - (Madacy, 1999) (Babyface adaptation)


"Blame It On the Summer Night"

"If We Never Meet Again" (Cut from the show)

Seance on a Wet Afternoon

"Lucky" sung by Donna Murphy on Over The Moon: The Broadway Lullaby Project


All songs and extras on bonus album with "Defying Gravity" remix, "I'm not That Girl" and others. See our Wicked music page

"Defying Gravity"

See all of the "Defying Gravity recordings here: Defying Gravity- Sung by Idina Menzel, Ben Vereen, Sutton Foster, and many others.

"Making Good" - an early version of a song for what later become the "The Wizard and I" moment. BUY Stephanie's This Place I Know.

"I'm Not That Girl"

Julia Murney, I'm Not Waiting

"As Long As You're Mine"

David Burnham and Eden Espinosa sing "As Long As You're Mine" - track 3 on David Burnham CD at Amazon.com Debut recording from one of the brightest stars of Broadway's The Light in the Piazza. Something for everyone with intimate and passionate renderings of standards and classics, featuring a duet with Eden Espinoza from Wicked and more!


"Fathers and Sons"

Everything Else - Individual Songs

"Butterfield are Free" from Butterflies are Free movie and stage play.

"Cold Enough to Snow" from Life With Mikey

"Crowded Island"

"Cry Without a Reason" by Dean Pitchford and Stephen Schwartz


"Forgiveness' Embrace"


One Is the All by the Choral project includes this lovely choral piece by Stephen Schwartz.

"Life Goes On"

  • Andrea Marcovicci - New Words - (Cabaret Records, 1995)

"Manchild Lullaby"

  • Jane Olivor - Best Side of Goodbye - (Columbia, 1980)

"More Than This"

  • Brian Lane Green - Brian Lane Green (LML Music, 1997)

"Rewriting History" with lyrics by Steve Lutvak

"Sippin' Wine"

"So Far"


See our Testimony page Testimony lyrics and recording - San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus

Special Holiday CD - Jane Olivor's Songs of Season with 2 Schwartz songs

Jane Oliver cover

Stephen wrote the music for two songs on this CD: "The Spirit of Christmas" and "The Chanukah Song - We Are Lights"

A reviewer on Amazon.com said it's "...not like the run of the mill holiday CDs. This one is special. She not only sings some of our favoite holiday songs, but some we are not familiar with. She creaps into your soul. Each song sounds like she is singing it to you and with all the feeling and warmth that her beautiful voice is known for."

My comments I finally acquired Jane Olivor's SONGS OF THE SEASON. I played it while doing housework. When track 3 "We Are Lights" Schwartz/Young song came up I had to stop everything and just sit and listen. I got addicted and started playing it a lot. One time after I had hit the back button about 4 times my husband said, "I think you like that song." He said, "It's a nice song. I like the melodic turns." I find it mesmerizing and very expressively appropriate to the lyrics about people gathered to share both candle light and the light of their hearts.

I really recommend the album to anyone. This is not your basic ordinary holiday fare but very special throughout.

Songs of the Seasons includes "We Are Lights"

Jane Olivor - Songs of the Seasons [new browser window]

Jane Olivor Records Stephen Schwartz Songs:

"Colors of the Wind," "Crowded Island," "Hardest Part of Love," "Manchild Lullaby," "We Are Lights"....

Safe Return

Includes "Hardest Part of Love," "Crowded Island," & "Sippin Wine"

Stephen Schwartz's comment: "I thought that Jane Olivor's Safe Return CD captures how she really sounds better than any of her other CDs."

Jane Olivor: Safe Return CD - Amazon.com [new browser window] (P.S. Classics, 2004)

Jane Olivor - Safe Return - Concert on DVD [new browser window]

Recorded live during a concert in Boston in November, 2003, the CD and DVD include Schwartz's poignant song about letting go of love: "Hardest Part of Love" from Children of Eden and the bouyant and funny piece "Crowded Island" from his album Reluctant Pilgrim. Ms. Olivor also offers the first recording of "Sippin Wine" with music by Stephen Schwartz and lyrics by Gloria Nissenson.

From distributor Image Entertainment: With her spectacular voice and deeply emotional presence, Jane Olivor is a musical sensation. A deeply loved vocalist of the finest order, she can turn a ballad into a transforming experience and always leaves her audience wanting more. Now she returns to thrill new audiences with this brand new performance, featuring beloved standards and new melodies sure to touch your heart and lift your soul.

ABOUT SIPPIN' WINE: An an e-mail message, the lyricist answered my "what is it about" question: "I guess you could say the song is about a couple who have "made it" in the sense that here they are, comfortably "sippin' wine from crystal goblets", serving caviar, enjoying the so-called "good things". As they look back together they remember when "bread was dinner" and they "drank from jelly jars". And the wine tasted a little better back then. They know that it was their love for each other that really saw them through everything and got them to where they are today.

The chorus goes

Sippin' wine from crystal goblets isn't bad
But I miss the time when love was all we had."

Best Side of Goodbye

"Manchild Lullaby"


Jane Oliver - Best Side of Goodbye - (Columbia, 1980) Song clip available with link The Best Side of Goodbye [new browser window]


Manchild Lullaby sheet music by instant digital download

Love Decides - Includes "Colors of the Wind"

"Colors of the Wind" on Love Decides

FOR EUROPE: Jane Olivor CDs at Amazon.com UK

Strouse, Schwartz, and Schwartz

Strouse and SchwartzStrouse, Schwartz, and Schwartz is now available:

Stephen Schwartz songs:

Stephen Schwartz and Charles Strouse

Schwartz and Strouse worked together on Rags. See our Rags page for info.

Strouse Schwartz and SchwartzNEW in 2006: Strouse, Schwartz and Schwartz CD

Strouse, Schwartz, and Schwartz

Live recording of the annual STAGE benefit concert from 2000, featuring the music of Charles Strouse, Arthur Schwartz, and Stephen Schwartz.

Stars: Andrea Martin, Polly Bergen, Betty Garrett, Carole Cook, David Burnham, Tyne Daly, Robert Cuccioli, Penny Fuller, Bonnie Franklin, Jill Eikenberry, Michael Tucker, Billy Porter, Lauren Kennedy, Pamela Myers, Christopher Seiber and others.

Stephen Schwartz Songs include:

CD 1:
1. "Magic To Do" - Billy Porter and Ensemble
2. "Corner Of The Sky" - Jamie Anderson
9. "Lion Tamer" - David Burnham
12. "Blame It On The Summer Night" - Linda Michele

CD 2:

6. Morning Glow - Robert Cuccioli
8. Charmin's Lament (from The Magic Show)- Betty Garrett
10. Meadowlark (From The Baker's Wife) - Joan Ryan
12. In Whatever Time We Have (from Children of Eden- Lauren Kennedy, Christopher Sieber
13. The Hope Medley: New Sun In The Sky/Tomorrow/Day By Day - Clinton Derricks-Carroll, Barbara Deutsch, Jennifer Leigh Warren


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